The Use of Self-Management in ABA

EACH QUESTION NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST 350 WORDSQuestion #1 KOEGEL & KOEGEL 1990In DocSharing, you will find a classic study on Self-Management by Koegel and Koegel (1990). Explain the importance of the discrimination training used in this study. Once you’ve read Koegel and Koegel (1990), provide an example of how you could use self-administered consequence to increase a desired behavior using the recommendations on p.603–604 in your text as a guide. Make sure you operationally define the behavior you select in your example as well as what types of data you would ask the individual to collect and what training they would need to collect these data. Are there any drawbacks to the use of self-administered consequences?  Any possible unintended behavior changes or ethical concerns?QUESTION #2Discuss how you could use self-instruction, habit reversal, systematic desensitization, and massed practice to design your own self-management behavior change plan. Provide a different target behavior for each example (along with a specific operational definition), and be sure that you are adding a unique response to the Discussion Board this week. What might be some unintended effects for each method of change?  Ethical concerns?

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