Topic Social and Political Organization Assignment

2 pgsapaTopicSocial and Political Organization Assignmentchose any society in America and discuss its social and political organization… In this essay you are going to select a society of people, it can be any size, any location, and any time. Your society should be a made up society, or a theoretical society. The assignment should be fun, so do not get too caught up on any particular detail or the feasibility of the actual society. Topics to be discussed as part of the assignment: 1.  Where does this society live? 2.  How big is this society? 3.  Describe the environment, topography, climate, and time that they live. 4.  What do their dwellings (if any) look like, how are they made? What materials or processes do the need/use? 5.  How do they get their living? 6.  Are they engaged in subsistence activities or do they have a job and go to Kroger? 7.  Do they sustain their population? 8.  Do they have surplus? Or lean times? 9.  What do they eat? Where do they get it?  10.Are they hunter gathers or capitalists? Describe…

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