Unintended Behavior Change (6)

I have to answer 2 questions separately; each question needs to be at least 350 words. Question #1 Provide an example of two different behavior change tactics (e.g., positive reinforcement, non-contingent reinforcement, negative punishment, etc.) where an unwanted behavior change might occur as a result of your treatment intervention. Using behavior analytic terms, discuss the specific tactic that was used, the target behavior, and the unwanted behavior change. How could you have planned for this differently?  Any ethical considerations to go along with each method of change which you described? Question #2 Select a scholarly peer-reviewed research article where a behavior analytic procedure for change was used and an unintended behavior change occurred. Did behavioral contrast effects occur in this study? What could you have done differently to plan for any unwanted effects ahead of time? Would you recommend a different behavior change tactic, and if so, which ones? Why?  Are there any ethical or practical considerations, which may be of issue in this study?

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