Assignment Overview For this assignment, we will research and apply management techniques that will help to develop a blueprint for your success as a manager. Locate the Module 1 Required Reading Sect

Assignment OverviewFor this assignment, we will research and apply management techniques that will help to develop a blueprint for your success as a manager.Locate the Module 1 Required Reading Section and read through Chapters 1: Introduction to Principles and Section 1.5: Four Essential Management Concepts: Planning, Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. Chapter 3: History, Globalization, and Values-Based Leadership, and Chapter 11: Decision Making from the course textbook: Principles of Management.Next, read through Chapter 2 of “Organizational Decision Making” to research how organizational decisions are made and then address the following for your Case 1 Assignment.Case AssignmentAfter you read the foregoing sources, visit the library again (Additional Library resources), and search IBISWorld.Follow the IBISWorld Navigation in the Required reading Section and search “Cable Providers in the US.”Select a Cable Provider for this assignment and scan through the various pages associated with the Cable Provider industry, noting: Key areas of Opportunity, Key areas Required for Success, and Key Threats.Then, in a well-written 3 full-page paper (Excluding Title and References pages) including 3 scholarly sources, respond to the following:Provide an Overview of the Cable Provider Industry and use information from the following Industry Reports:Industry at a Glance, Industry Performance, Industry Outlook, Products and Market, Competitive Landscape, Major Companies, Operating Conditions, and Key StatisticsBased on your research, you may find that the Cable Provider Industry is down while the Satellite TV Providers in the US and Video Streaming Services in the US are up.What recommendations do you have for your selected company to compete with the Satellite and Video Streaming providers?How do management and leadership use the four essential management concepts of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to develop a plan for your listed recommendations?Assignment ExpectationsThe minimum length requirement for the Module 1 Case assignment is 3 full pages (Excluding Title and Reference pages).Provide a minimum of at least 3 scholarly sources using APA Style.Provide an APA formatted title page.Three full pages to include an introduction, body of work with three scholarly sources, a conclusion, and a references page formatted to APA 7.

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