Assignment: Video Presentation and Executive Summary Web Page TOPIC : Mobile Home Property Developer and Manager The whole assignment is in previous submissions. you just need to make a video. Do not

Assignment: Video Presentation and Executive Summary Web PageTOPIC : Mobile Home Property Developer and ManagerThe whole assignment is in previous submissions. you just need to make a video. Do not use voice at all. just graphs and pictures and statistics.Please check all attachments.Getting StartedExecutive presentations are a critical management skill. Being able to take large amounts of data and information and present it in a concise and succinct manner is the mark of a high performance professional. The last step in this course is preparing a focused video report that would be provided to the client highlighting the research, analysis, and recommendations from the sections of the consultant’s report.Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:Articulate models for product differentiation and positioning within the market.Determine pricing strategies, price setting methods, distribution channels, and key channel members.Analyze the effectiveness of emerging promotional strategies.Assess the market structure and internal and external marketing environments to determine the crucial factors influencing the marketing strategy.Create product development strategies and market demand estimates.Resources Web or computer camVideo softwareYouTube or another video sharing platformInstructions The whole assignment is in previous submissions. you just need to make a video. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.You will submit a 10- to 12-minute video and a 300-word executive summary, encapsulating all 4 sections of the client report (your consultant’s report).Create a professionally appearing and sounding video suitable for presentation to a client. You need an opening image with your name, your client name, and the industry. You need a closing image thanking the client and providing your contact information (real or fabricated).Include highlights from all four sections of your paper. Focus is critical so be sure to discuss only the most important elements of each section so that you are within the 10- to 12-minute time limit.Include a minimum of six graphs or charts that are shown while you are describing and discussing them.Upload the video to a video sharing site such as YouTube that does not require a login to access. If using YouTube, you may set the video to unlisted but do not set it to private. You will post a link to the video in the submission text box.Write a 300-word executive summary of your consultant’s report and submit it as a Word document.

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