Based upon your organizational analysis, and in discussion with your principal, pick one area or project to be your focus on leading change. Initially, please analyze the change area using Quinn’s 7 A

Based upon your organizational analysis, and in discussion with your principal, pick one area or project to be your focus on leading change.Initially, please analyze the change area using Quinn’s 7 Areas of Logical Incrementalism to take a look at what issues or considerations will need to be considered.Then, using Kotter’s Eight Stages of Change Planning, create a proposed change document using the first four of Kotter’s Stages, with draft timelines for all four stages. You won’t be responsible for implementing the changes, as the class will be over by then. But, your responsibility is to create a reasonable plan, with description of the respective goals in each step, and to include a draft schedule/timeline for these stages to present to the principal.I, and any reader, need to be able to follow everyone’s logic, plans, and rationale for choosing their respective one change area (feel free to refer to your org. assessment, change area choice, vision, and sense of urgency right away, knowing you’ll need to re-state the vision and sense of urgency in the Kotter steps). The document must be at least 3 pages long, single-spaced, and with very good technical report formatting. Use MEMO headings, addressed to the principal.Of the 3 pages, it’s OK to use maybe 1/2 a page on a distinct section for the time-lines of implementing your 4 Kotter steps.The 25 points will be allotted based upon thoroughness- 15; formatting-5 (MEMO headings, page numbers, etc.): and general writing composition-5.  So: -In your assignment #10 document, please make sure to include the following headings (8 headings/sub headings required) to organize your document:*Overview/Introduction*Create a heading title that reflects your use of Quinn’s 7 areas of logical incrementalism to identify the issues/considerations realized from your analysis.*4 separate headings; 1 for each of Kotter’s steps*Time-line/Implementation plans*Conclusion-start with a nice introduction/overview of what the report is about, who it is to, describe the change area choice, and include your vision-like statement of what the change will look like, once accomplished.-use your own actual words in describing the area to be changed.-develop an actual statement describing the sense of urgency for why this is really important to implement and the consequences if not changed,-please list specific names and positions of the people to be on the coalition, -and your vision statement of what the completed change will look like when successfully implemented should be re-stated in Kotter’s step #3, followed by a strategy/plan in that section. Please keep in mind, when recommending members for the guiding coalition, I need actual people and their positions in the organization. I want you to choose the members as a consultant making a recommendation. Also, please keep the coalition to no more than 10 members. Given research on team and committee size, 12 is about it. Any larger and members hide, and others dominate. So choosing a coalition membership size-anywhere between 3-10 will be fine.Please get a copy to your principal for their feedback, as this is required for the module 11 assignment. It will be best to do this in person. Also, please solicit their feedback on your overall performance. You’ll also need this information for the module 11 assignment (last assignment of the class).Example: Proposed change plan example-1.docxActionsReadings to prepare for evaluating leaders’ style=’float: left;’>Previous Identify and Assess Leader Talent Paper (Extra Credit)’ style=’float: right;’>Next

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