Compose a 1250 words assignment on the differences between natural and artificial virtues. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the differences between natural and artificial virtues. Needs to be plagiarism free! For instance, even though justice may be an artificial virtue, its sense of morality on the spectator’s side, remains to be natural. Indeed, justice is naturally attended with a strong with a formidable sentiment of morals, and these can only proceed from individuals’ sympathy with the interests of the society.It is noteworthy that artificial virtues are more dependent on social structures and include allegiance, justice, chastity, and modesty, fidelity to promises, and the duties of sovereign states to respect treaties, observe set boundaries, and subjects themselves to the laws governing the nations. Even though these virtues seem to apply equally to all concerned parties, they may vary from one society to the other (Adams, 2009).On the other hand, natural virtues originate from nature and tend to be universal. These virtues include gratitude, generosity, charity, fidelity, equity, clemency, temperance, prudence, courage, ambition, modesty, pride, good sense, wit, and humor. Other virtues that may be categorized in this domain include industry, frugality, patience, cleanliness, decorum, and articulateness. It is significant to understand that some of these virtues may be voluntary such as pride while some are involuntary, like good sense.The natural virtues can be described as those virtues that individuals have within a natural environment, in the absence of the edifices of the society that surround them. Indeed, natural virtues are the values that individuals would still harbor in an environment that is free from any social structure such as the judicial system, government, or monarchs. Thus, these virtues are the values such as having mercy, showing benevolence to children, loving one’s life, and caring for others as a way of ensuring the posterity of the human race as a distinct species. Most importantly, these virtues encompass the values that people have independently from the societal expectations of prudent human behavior (Hacker-Wright, 2007).From the above explanation of natural virtues, a referential definition helps in identifying what David Hume would refer to as a natural virtue. In other words, a natural virtue is just but a virtuous character trait that would conceivably apply to an individual without the need to initiate the incentives and deterrents that are introduced by the rules that govern a civilized state or society. Thus, the natural virtues are more refined and entail the completed forms of the human sentiments that would be anticipated to be found in individuals who belong to no specific society, but cooperate only within their small familial groups (Harris, 2013).

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