Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the social contract theory and the problems of capitalism.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the social contract theory and the problems of capitalism. The most differing conceptions of the two separate theories of Locke and Rawls is that Locke believed in people have privacy in concerns to how they choose to live their lives, while Rawls felt that other people should be at liberty to make judgments based on how others live or what they do. Locke was for people making their own decisions based on their own thoughts and feelings, and Rawls wanted everyone to be a part of everyone else’s personal business. The argument of whether or not it is patriotic to disobey the law has, as all arguments do, two sides to be viewed. Disobeying laws can be seen as patriotic as it involves exercising our rights as free individuals. At the same time, it can be viewed as unpatriotic, as going against the laws means going against those who set them down. John Rawls believes that disobeying laws is patriotic, as it is aimed at bringing the desired change to the laws or to the policies of the government. To him, breaking a law is not done out of disrespect, but as a cry for the people of a higher power to listen to the needs of their people. He also stated that civil disobedience is not always the proper way to go when trying to protest a belief, especially if it involves doing something horrific (like something other than a minor traffic violation) or a large group of people. John Locke, on the other hand, stated that human rights are based on natural laws. He suggests that people formed a political society, complete with laws and regulations to be followed so that they could get away from natural laws. He would agree that disobeying laws would be unpatriotic because it is going what the people created for themselves. The rights of the people were created by the people, making it inappropriate if they were to go against their own laws.&nbsp.

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