Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses women stepping up in american history.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses women stepping up in american history. Of course, this was not by choice. therefore, they decided to take a stand, and when both World Wars came, their prayers were answered. Nevertheless, the paper will focus on discussing the role of women in American business, from 1900 until now. After finally making their way into the manual labor force in America and overseas, women took further steps towards equal pay and became subjects of propaganda. Although the fight for equal pay continued, once all wars ended women were then immediately expected to give away their jobs and settle back into their caregiver role. This did not run smoothly in the eyes of women, and they revolted in strikes since they knew that their efforts would prove to be triumphant, hence leave an interminable mark on American society. After the two wars, women were free to create their own lives, able to vote and allowed the right to a full education, and this increase in freedom led to an increase in occupied American women. Not only were they evolving in the work force, but also over the last century, fashion in America has experienced continual upheavals and radical changes. Ranging from dress length to head pieces, women used fashion as another way to express themselves and make their unique mark throughout history. Historically, women earned their living by keeping boarding houses while others were in occupations that were available to men. In this case, some of the women were doctors, lawyers, teachers and writers, and by the end of the nineteenth century, there was acceptable for women’s professions, though there were few women working in factories or as domestic workers. Nevertheless, there was an exclusion of women from their profession apart from working as writers or teachers, for instance in the medical profession, there was a changed attitude during nineteenth and twentieth century concerning the occupation, which was suitable for women.

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