I need some assistance with these assignment. partner in social network Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. partner in social network Thank you in advance for the help! You just set the needed parameters which include age, appearance, education or race and the program reduces the quantity of those who can possibly be interesting to you. So you basically pay to get rid of all the people who will not match with you. The websites use specific sorting algorithms and make all these talks about the background of each other not necessary. The company’s goal is to stimulate “three-ways”—a double entendre that, to someone at OkCupid, means a person sent a note, received a reply, and fired off a follow-up. So when these three parameters coincide for two persons it means that a new pair of lovebirds can be created in real life. It is not surprising that the owners of the sites receive a big amount of information that allows them predicting and even matching possible couples way better. Not occasionally they compare their sites with the information that can be achieved from CCTVs in pubs: people literally tell everything to each other in places like these. The owner of the site proudly boasts his possibilities to actually regulate the process of mating. Making the author and readers inquire whether such sites can possibly influence their viewers so much: “Imagine we did a lot of research, and we found that there were certain demographics or psychographic attributes that were predictors of three-ways. Hispanic men and Indian women, say,” Yagan suggested. “If we thought that drove success, we could tweak it so those matches showed up more often. Not because of a social mission, but because if it’s working, there needs to be more of it.” So it becomes clear that such websites, and probably any websites that accumulate a lot of personal information about their users are not as safe as they seem in a global sense. They are created&nbsp.with the help of algorithms. Basically, the algorithm is a sequence, system, set off the systematized rules of implementation of a calculable process that necessarily results in the decision of certain class of tasks after the eventual number of operations.&nbsp.

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