Immune System Choose ONE of the scenarios and explain what the immune system is doing. Your explanation should be 7 – 10 complete sentences. Diagrams/drawings might be helpful. In your description

Immune SystemChoose ONE of the scenarios and explain what the immune system is doing.  Your explanation should be 7 – 10 complete sentences.  Diagrams/drawings might be helpful.  In your description, correctly use, at least 8 of these vocabulary words:Adaptive/acquired immune responseAntibodyAntigenCytotoxic T-cellFeverHelper T-cellHistamineInflammationInnate immune responseMacrophageMast cellMemory B-cellNatural killer cellNeutrophilPathogenPlasma B-cellPusScenario A:   A patient comes in with symptoms of fever, loss of appetite, a sore throat.  You, the doctor, think that it might be a bacterial infection and prescribe antibiotics.  The patient takes the antibiotics however the symptoms do not go away.   What is the patient’s body doing to fight the disease?Scenario B:  You are hurrying to finish working with some wood to make a paper weight.  A splinter from your masterpiece ends up in your hand.  You pull the splinter out, but late that night, your finger becomes swollen and red.  A few days later the entire hand is swollen, the pain is intense, and you develop a fever.  What is going on?Scenario C:  You find out that one of your ancestors had leprosy, caused by the Mycobacterium leprae bacteria.  The relative worked in a leper colony for 25 years in what is now Hawaii.  The relative did not develop leprosy until soon before leaving there.  What does the body do to fight the bacteria?Write your paragraph here (some sentences provided if you want them):In scenario ______ the symptoms indicate that the immune system is working in the following way …Choose the first scenario I need help with, please

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