Kranak, J. (2019). “Kantian Deontology”. In G. Matthews (Ed.), Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics (pp. 53-64) (Website) (PDF )

Kranak, J. (2019). ‘Kantian Deontology’. In G. Matthews (Ed.), Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics (pp. 53-64) (Website) (PDF ) Appiah, K.A. (2020). “Should I tell my boss I have a disabling medical condition?” New York Times (Website)’s Kidney Black Market | 101 EastDuration: 25:31User: n/a – Added: 9/7/16YouTube URL: on what flaws you may find with deontology. Refer to actual quotes and page numbers in your reading.So, after thinking about how a utilitarian would approach the issue of organ donors on the black market, how would a deontologist approach that same issue and why?Explain whether using deontology can always include everyone no matter what.

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