More info is listed in the table on page 1 of the Project Overview PDF file.The questionnaires are included on pages 5 to 13 of the Project Overview PDF file.Full citations can be found on page 14 of

More info is listed in the table on page 1 of the Project Overview PDF file.The questionnaires are included on pages 5 to 13 of the Project Overview PDF file.Full citations can be found on page 14 of the Project Overview PDF file. Choose one variable from this list of demographic information:AgeGender (male, female, and other)Smoking status (smoker or non-smoker) For this project, you will examine the correlations among the three variables you have chosen.You will examine the correlation (i.e., relationship) between the two variables you have chosen from the first list above.You will also assess whether the demographic variable you have chosen is associated with (i.e., related to) the each of the two variables you have picked from the first list.Examples: If you have chosen resilience, depression, and age, you will examine the relationship between resilience and depression. You will also assess whether age is associated with resilience and depression. If you have picked gender instead of age, you will test potential gender differences in resilience and depression. Based on the variables and topic you have chosen, conduct a literature search and review to get an idea of what has (and has not) been done in this area of research. This will help you formulate your hypotheses.Be sure to complete the assigned readings for Week 2 and go over the Library Information Literacy Tutorials on Canvas before starting your search.Search the articles using the appropriate online databases such as PsycINFO (databases can be found here: (Links to an external site.))Locate at least five different peer-reviewed research articles related to your project topic that you can discuss and cite in your paper. At least three of them must be no older than 2009 (published in 2009 or more recent). Formulate at least three hypotheses for this project. Review Chapter 2.4 of the Gravetter & Forzano (2018) textbook.Hypotheses should be logical, testable, and refutable. Furthermore, your hypotheses should be related to the variables you have chosen.Your hypotheses should specify the nature of the relationship. In other words, provide the predicted direction of the relationship.  Example 1: In a correlational study, the variables of interests are chocolate consumption, happiness level, and age.When formulating a hypothesis, do not just write “chocolate consumption would be related to happiness.” Instead, provide the direction of the relationship you expect: “it was hypothesized that happiness level would increase as chocolate consumption increases.”Hypothesis 2: The researcher hypothesized that there would be a negative correlation between age and chocolate consumption; the younger the participants, the more chocolate they tend to consume.Hypothesis 3: It was also hypothesized that as age increases, happiness level tends to increase as well.  Example 2: Using the same two variables as the one above, if gender is chosen instead of age, do not just write “there would be a gender difference.” Instead, provide the direction you expect. For instance,Hypothesis 2: The researcher hypothesized that females would consume more chocolate than males (or “…females would report higher chocolate consumption compared to males”).Hypothesis 3: It was hypothesized that males would report higher level of happiness compared to females (or “…males’ happiness level would be higher than those of females”). Download this Information and Hypotheses Worksheet download and complete it by typing your responses directly below the questions starting on page 3 of the file. Use complete sentences when answering the questions.  Save your file regularly. When you are done, upload your saved word document (file format/type must be either .doc or .docx) on Canvas. This assignment must be completed and submitted individually as indicated in the course syllabus. Let the instructor know if you have any questions or concerns about this assignment.

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