Part 1 The student will discuss the root causes of terrorism. Give one example 150 words Part 2 Describe the five types of terrorism. Give one relative example for each! 300 words Part 3 What is yo

Part 1The student will discuss the root causes of terrorism. Give one example 150 wordsPart 2 Describe the five types of terrorism. Give one relative example for each!300 words Part 3What is your experience with receiving microaggression?…..How about being the person saying the microaggession to someone else? Was it intentional or unintentional? Whatever your role in the situation (actor or target) how could your behavior have been different to make the interaction more appropriate?300 words Part 4Please read: (Links to an external site.)1. Did love cause Meagan’s criminal acts?2. Use a theory from chapter 5 to provide an alternative explanation. 150 wordsPart 5What two themes related to morality, ethics, crime, and/or justice stand out to you the most in The Dark Knight Trilogy and why?  What is a scene that vividly illustrates one of those themes in your view?What character (other than Batman himself) in The Dark Knight Trilogy most impresses you and why?200 words

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