Please go through the attached file. And answer the questions 3.0 and 4.0 The selected stock for this assignment is ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS. 3.0 Financial Situation – A Gra

Please go through these instructions. And answer the questions 3.0 and 4.0Select one listed company from TSX;Download the last 2 years financial statements for selected company, and forecasting for the future (Cash Flow Focus);Evaluate the financial statements for selected company and write a report of maximum 8 pages following the table of contents below.1.0   Executive Summary: how good the company is? Would you buy the company’s stock at current price? Or What price you suggest to buy within 2 months period time? Why?1.1   Introductions of the industry/trend, and the company you selected;2.0    Ratio Analysis: key ratios to identify the company’s strengths and weakness3.0   Financial Situation – A Graphical Look4.0   Industry Ratio Comparisons5.0   RecommendationsThere is no page limit. As long as these 2 questions are answered in full.

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