Special Occasion Speech OutlineOverview In this assignment, you will outline a special occasion speech. You will deliver your speech based on this outline next week. Instructions Select either Topic

Special Occasion Speech OutlineOverviewIn this assignment, you will outline a special occasion speech. You will deliver your speech based on this outline next week.InstructionsSelect either Topic A or Topic B for your special occasion speech.Topic A: Deliver a speech of introduction in which you introduce a person who inspires you.Topic B: You have been given an award for Employee of the Month and must give an acceptance speech at an awards banquet.Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word.Download the Sample Outline [DOCX] attached, which provides guidance for the structure of an outline.Focus your speech on 2–3 main points so you’ll stay within the 2-minute time limit.Submit the completed outline in a Microsoft Word document.RequirementsYour assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:Research. Cite at least two credible sources and support the main points.The outline is complete and on topic.The outline provides solid flow for the speech.The outline is clear and free from spelling and grammar issues.

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