Task: In a 5-7 page thesis driven essay: Choose one specific time period or art movement covered in class (beginning with the Romantics and ending with contemporary times). First, define and descri

Task:In a 5-7 page thesis driven essay:Choose one specific time period or art movement covered in class (beginning with the Romantics and ending with contemporary times).  First, define and describe the art period/ movement.  Secondly, choose two different forms of artistic expression from the following list and discuss how they represent the chosen time period:-Visual Art (includes any medium discussed in class, such as painting, sculpture, etc.)-Architecture-Literature-MusicFinally, discuss how these works’ have influenced our post-modern contemporary society.TOPIC:-This paper will focus on how the Pax Romana art period has impacted contemporary visual art and architecture.The Pax Romana art period is characterized by the visual arts and the famous architecture in the Roman Empire at that time.*You must use 3 separate sources of research in this essayWikipedia is not a source of research!!Recommendations:- Be sure to clearly describe the ideology, history and culture of the specific era you have chosen.- Introduce the artist, architect, and/or writer of the pieces you have chosen to discuss. (this should include the person’s ideology/ philosophy that influenced the work)-Do not forget to clearly link the ideology and culture of the era/artistic movement with the pieces being discussed. In other words, how are the pieces chosen representative of that period in human history?-Finally, demonstrate how this time period/artistic movement and the representative pieces chosen have influenced our post-modern society.REQUIREMENTS: All of the following requirements must be fulfilled.  If any  are missing I will not read, provide feedback nor a grade for the assignment.  This will result in an automatic F and Zero points.Minimum 5 complete pages (this means to the bottom of the page) ____.Minimum 3 different sources of research ____. (Use Direct Quotes)A complete Works Cited Page. ____.PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT WRITE A FIVE PARGRAPH ESSAY NOR A SIMPLE THESIS THAT LISTS 3 POINTS/TOPICS. THIS ESSAY & THESIS FORMAT IS NOT APPROPRIATE FOR COLLEGE LEVEL WORK,  IF YOU DO SO YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THE ASSIGNMENT

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