Write 7 pages with APA style on How Psychology is going to benefit my Nursing Career.

Write 7 pages with APA style on How Psychology is going to benefit my Nursing Career. Besides, in managing patients with several complications, both psychology and nursing practices are required to understand the root of the problem. Therefore, nurses need to have a broad knowledge of therapies to use to alleviate the situation before it escalates to unmanageable levels. It is also vital to understand that when evaluating a patient’s health status, nurses primarily reflect on how patients respond to their conditions. Some individuals are optimistic and respond positively to their complications. However, others respond negatively and sometimes tend to escalate or complicate their situations for something little that is easily manageable. Such clients are mostly stubborn and get easily agitated with minor things. Nurses may perhaps find it challenging to handle such incidences. However, instead of running away from such cases, nurses are required to assist such patients in coping up with the realities of their conditions. They need to have the counseling bit of psychology to guide such patients to full recovery. Psychology will provide them with skills critical to patient management based on age and gender. For instance, minors are in most cases more afraid that the elderly and nurses might find it problematic to understand their illness. As a practicing nurse, I need to acknowledge the relevance of psychology to the nursing profession fully.As mentioned above, psychology has a significant role to play in my nursing practice. Failure of which will pose greater repercussions to my career.

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