After the late 1960s, (a) interracial marriage was no longer illegal in the US, nor was (b) housing discrimination, or (c) school segregation. Please identify two specific improvements that occurred i
October 16, 2020
According to the graph, which of these is true about enslaved African populations in the nineteenth century? A) Sierra Leone had more slaves than Igbo did. B) Madagascar had the largest population of
October 16, 2020
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3-5 page paper

Across the last three classes, select some (or one in greater detail) institutions which families interact and receive services or otherwise relate and illustrate how social and technological change and globalization affect these institutions and their impact diverse families. Discuss research, theory and best practice as they suggest improving these interactions and relationships. What can families do to better advocate for their members? Institutions include, but are not limited to: work/finances, education, health/medicine, law/justice, religion, government.

Settles, B. H. (2001).  Conflicts between family strategies and state policy in a global society.  Journal of Comparative Studies, 32(2), 147-166.

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Nielsen, L. (2011). Shared parenting after divorce: A review of shared residential parenting research. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 52, 586-609.

Schweiger, W. K. & O’Brien, M. (2005). Special needs adoption: An ecological approach. Family Relations, 54(4), 512-522.


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