I have a class and we are testing social studies “The Jamestown Assignment” I lost my Key and need answers for 5 questions Name two of England’s “mercantilistic goals” that were supported by Virginia
September 18, 2020
Az, nm, Nevada must honor the Native American reservation treaties drawn up by the ….. gov for the native Americans nations
September 18, 2020
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Purpose of Assignment For this assignment, the student will identify and interview someone they know who is in a management role.  This allows the student to integrate the experience of real world managers with their own insights into planning and strategy. The assignment also reinforces the importance of contingency planning. Assignment Steps Interview someone you know who is in a management role. This can be at your current place of employment or someone you know personally working in a managerial role. Prepare a 900-word discussion of the interview: Discuss what you discovered about contingency planning.Discuss how creativity and critical thinking relate to contingency planning.Explain how you might integrate creativity into your own planning process.Discuss what you learned about creativity and its relationship to the decision-making process.Identify the key steps that might require a contingency plan. Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines. 


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