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September 8, 2020
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September 8, 2020
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A developmentally appropriate environment will provide freedom for __________ with few prohibitions. A. autonomyB. distractionC. explorationD. freedom To promote self-help skills, what should adults

A developmentally appropriate environment will provide freedom for __________ with few prohibitions.

A. autonomy

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B. distraction

C. exploration

D. freedom

To promote self-help skills, what should adults do?

A. Restrict children to what they can do well.

B. Encourage trials and exploration.

C. Do everything for the child.

D. Manage the risks children explore.

Which of the following is an example of a transition object?

A. Soothing music from the teacher

B. A book from the library

C. A sensory tot from the child care facility

D. A mother’s purse

When children bite, what should you do?

A. Take it seriously, but model gentleness.

B. Punish severely because it is a serious offense.

C. Ignore the incident so the behavior will disappear.

D. Bite the child back so they can understand that it hurts others.

Setting limits empowers children by giving them __________ within boundaries.

A. autonomy

B. distraction

C. exploration

D. freedom

When do babies learn to develop trust?

A. When they feel secure that their needs will be met by a caring adult that they have gotten to know

B. When they can walk

C. When they are ignored

D. When they take a nap

Which of the following is a true statement about SIDS?

A. An undisturbed night’s sleep may put infants at risk.

B. In cultures where infants are held, jostled, and put to bed with an adult or another child, the rate of SIDS is dramatically higher.

C. SIDS is not common in the United States.

D. The risk of SIDS increases as the infant reaches toddlerhood.

__________ is a lasting emotional relationship that begins to develop in infancy and serves to tie the infant to one or more people.

A. Assessment

B. Attachment

C. Patterns

D. Relationship

Erik Erikson named the psychosocial stages of development concerning the early issue of:

A. attachment.

B. trust.

C. patterns.

D. relationship.

A caregiver who is in tune with and responsive to the baby’s __________ can be said to have a synchronous relationship with the baby.

A. signals

B. attachment

C. patterns

D. relationship

Which of the following is NOT an indicator that a child has moved into the stage of autonomy?

A. Negativity

B. A developing sense of possession

C. Attachment

D. A push for self-help skills

Child care programs can function as all of the following EXCEPT:

A. a place to leave children during the day.

B. an extended family

C. a kinship network

D. a family-support system

The goal of parental attachment is:

A. to establish optimum closeness.

B. optimum distance.

C. to put limits on the degree of attachment.

D. to ensure a codependent attachment.

All of the following are ways to create partnerships with families EXCEPT:

A. Work hard to create and maintain a relationship with each family.

B. Recognize that you can also learn from observing.

C. Find ways to share power with the families.

D. Recognize that independent practice is a strong teacher.

Baby Suzy can distinguish between the person(s) he or she is attached to and others. Which type of attachment is being displayed?

A. Societal anxiety

B. Separation anxiety

C. Stranger anxiety

D. Environmental anxiety

It is best to prepare children before sending them to child care in order to help them cope with feelings of:

A. separation.

B. distraction.

C. exploration.

D. freedom.

Why is attachment is important?

A. All children should learn to cope.

B. Children are very insecure.

C. It makes parents feel secure.

D. It is a lasting emotional relationship.

What is Erik Erikson’s first stage of development?

A. Industry versus inferiority

B. Initiative versus guilt

C. Basic trust versus basic mistrust

D. Autonomy versus shame and doubt

When do separation problems occur?

A. When the child takes their favorite “blankie” to child care

B. When no preparation is given to the child that they are going to child care

C. When the child’s best play group friends are there also

D. When no one tells the child that they have to stay outside all afternoon


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