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TOPIC: ADVOCACY  ORGANIZATION (Any advocacy organization  helping people with different disabilities of your choice in Canada or United State). . . . .MAKE IT AN HOSTING ORGANIZATION.

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Answer the following:

Section 1 (2 Pages)

  • How does your hosting organization approach advocacy work ?
  • How would you describe their advocacy efforts (ethics, priorities, goals, etc.) ?
  • How does your agency collaborate with other community or like-minded organizations ?
  • How does your agency work with networks ?

                                                           Section 2: (1 Pages)
  • Write a one-paragraph review of this agency for people who would
    like to learn about the agency and consider submitting it to google.

                                                            Section 3: (2 pages)
  • Write a blurb for your resume about your experience with this organization.
    (Only include blurb in this paper. I do not want to see your new resume).

For example, include the title of your work, the agency, location and year worked
as well as 2-3 lines which succinctly say what you did.

                                                          Section 4: (2 pages)

  • Considering the current reality of COVID-19, what kind of immediate
    advocacy efforts are needed to meet the needs of low-income and vulnerable
    peoples in western country.
  • Write what efforts are needed and what community agencies (if
    known) are poised to meet these needs. If this is too triggering, consider
    reviewing Budget for All,  advocacy work on All or on the City.

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