micro se week 6
October 18, 2020
Do an Internet search using search terms such as quot;psychologyquot; and quot;posterquot; to find an example of a research poster from the field…
October 19, 2020
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Also for the last scenario I really don’t comprehend b and c.

hi, I have worked on this assignment and would like for you to tell me if it is correct and if not make the changes. Also for the last scenario I really don’t comprehend b and c.

Read the scenario and answer the questions that follow it in complete sentences. Your answer must include definitions and explanations of the underlined terms.

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In a laboratory study of sleep deprivation, researchers employed a variety of techniques to keep volunteers awake for variable amounts of time. One group of participants was kept awake for 24 hours, and the other was kept awake for 48 hours. During periods of forced wakefulness, participants were required to engage verbal learning tasks such as memorizing the definitions of obscure English words. At the conclusion of the period of forced wakefulness, participants were allowed to sleep for as long as they wanted to. When participants awakened, researchers tested them on the learning tasks they completed during the periods of forced wakefulness. The researchers discovered that participants who were deprived of sleep for 48 hours recalled less than those who had been forced to remain awake for 24 hours.

a. What is the independent variable?

b. What is the dependent variable?

c. What is the control group?

d. What is/are the experimental group(s)?

a)Independent variable is a variable that the researcher believes causes a change in some other variable. The independent variable in this scenario is the amount of time the participants were kept awake for. One group of participants were kept awake for 24 hours and the other group for 48 hours.


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