Theoretical Framework to Support Evidence-based Practice
June 4, 2020
A company is conducting a feasibility study into a flexible production system for tennis shoes. The shoes the line must produce are constructed in an 11-step fashion as described in Table 2. The line of shoe is an international best seller with a required output per day of 4000 shoes. Based on two 8-hour shifts (so 16 hours of total available production time), (a) determine the takt time, (b) determine the theoretical minimum number of workstations, (c) assign tasks to the individual workstations using the ‘largest eligible task’ rule, and (d) determine the efficiency delay of the proposed line. TASK TIME (SEC) PREDECESSOR(S) A 12 None B 14 A C 7 A D 5 B,C E 3 D F 2 None G 1 F H 8 E,G I 13 H J 4 I K 10 J Marci spends 15 hours researching and writing a 20-page report for her philosophy class. Jack brags that he has a “streamlined” process for performing the researching and writing. Jack takes just 8 hours to research and write the paper, but his report is only 15 pages long. Calculate Marci and Jack’s productivity. What is the output? What is the input? What are the limitations of using productivity measures to evaluate Marci’s and Jack’s performance? What other performance measures might the instructor use? Smarmy Sales, Inc. (SSI) sells herbal remedies through its website and through phone reps. Over the past six years, SSI has started to depend more and more on its website to generate sales. The figures below show total sales, phone rep costs, and website costs for the past six years: YEAR TOTAL SALES PHONE REP COSTS WEB SITE COSTS 2012 $4,790,000 $200,000 $50,000 2013 $5,750,000 $210,000 $65,000 2014 $6,900,000 $221,000 $85,000 2015 $8,280,000 $230,000 $110,000 2016 $9,930,000 $245,000 $145,000 2017 $11,920,000 $255,000 $190,000 Calculate productivity for the phone reps for each of the past six years. Interpret the results. Calculate the productivity for the website for each of the past six years. Interpret the results. Calculate a multifactor productivity score for each year, where the “input” is the total amount spend on both the phone reps and the website. Interpret the results. Why might this be a better measure than the ones calculated in parts a and b?
June 4, 2020
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An important element in carrying out a feasibility study is determining the criteria by which to judge each option. Choose ONE of the following topics and list five necessary criteria and five desirable criteria you might apply in assessing the options. buying a smartphone selecting a major choosing a company to work for buying a car choosing a place to live while you attend college choosing a vacation destination buying a televsion choosing a daycare for your toddler buying a computer selecting a pet


today, smartphones have become an integral part of our life. we use them for several reasons such as communication, internet browsing, taking pictures, saving documents on the cloud etc. it becomes the necessity of our life. today it is not quite easy to decide that which smartphone to pick because there is wide variety of smartphones are available in the market. it is very tough to decide that which phone should be purchase by us which suits our needs best.

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1. First necessary criteria is choosing that cell phone company which have coverage in my city

2. Second necessary criteria is my budget to purchase the cell phones and the funds which i should have to pay the monthly bills or expenses of using phone.

3. Third necessary criteria is the selection or having the place for the charging of phone.

4 Fourth necessary criteria is to gain knowledge about how to use the phone or processing procedure of using phone before purchasing.

5. Five necessary criteria is to make sure that the usefulness of phone outweighs the cost.


1. First desirable criteria is the choice of cell phone colour, display, screen size and build material i.e. metal or plastic

2. Second desirable criteria is the selection of operating system such as android, IOS, window phone.

3. Third desirable criteria is the specification of camera such as camera aperture, pixel size, auto focus, ISO levels etc.

4. Fourth desirable criteria is battery, memory and the games included with the cell phone.

5. Fifth desirable criteria is to gain information about security features and wireless technologies provided by the phone.


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