Discuss the value of foreign stocks in an investment portfolio. Do you want them? If so, which ones? Do you diversify the classes as you would domestic stock? If so, what classes would you select? Are there any countries you would avoid? What about a stoc
August 20, 2020
August 21, 2020
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Analysis of the Foreign Exchange Market

Purpose of Assignment 

The foreign exchange market is an international monetary system that among several of its functions, converts one country’s currency into that of another. Understanding the foreign exchange market is an important dynamic in international trade and investment. It is, therefore, a benefit to the business student, via this assignment, to fully comprehend its functions.

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Assignment Steps 

Develop a minimum 700-word analysis to include the following aspects of the foreign exchange market: Introduction & Conclusion REQUIRED! NO PLAGIARISM! MUST ANSWER EVERY BULLET THOROUGHLY!

·         Discuss the two main functions of the foreign exchange market.

·         Analyze, in detail, the relationship between money supply and inflation.

·         Describe the difference between a freely convertible currency and a non-convertible currency.

·         Evaluate the technology risks associated with the functions of the foreign exchange market.



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