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November 26, 2020
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November 26, 2020
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Analyzing New Technology

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Evaluate how Facebook has influenced, changed, and affected communication from news organizations and from the advertising and public relations arms of major companies as they interact with audiences. Look specifically at local news organizations and major companies, such as Red Bull, Ford Motor Co., and the New England-based companies of Dunkin’ Donuts and T.J. Maxx. Cite examples from the course materials to support your thinking in the evaluation.



Textbook: Practicing Convergence Journalism
Chapter 8

Article: Forbes Profile: Mark Zuckerberg
This profile from Forbes highlights the founder of Facebook’s achievements in the technology industry.

Article: How Has Social Media Changed the World?
This article describes how the innovation of social media has impacted the way we interact with the world around us.

Slideshow: How Has Facebook Changed Our Lives?
This slideshow describes the positive and negative effects Facebook has had on our lives since its inception in 2004.

Website: Facebook

View the website of Facebook and see how people use it. If you do not already have a Facebook account, consider signing up for one.

Article: Brands Ramp Up Ad Spend on Facebook Stories By 124%, Study Finds
This article focuses on the positive effect a new Facebook feature has had on the social media platform, particularly in terms of ad revenue.

Article: How Social Media Has Revolutionized The Way Companies Communicate
This article details how social media allows companies to better interact with their target audience and improve their communication and engagement with customers.

Optional Resources:

Article: The Positive Impact of Social Networking Sites on Society
This article examines the positive effects of social media on our society, ranging from our increased global connectedness to our improved ability to find empathy and support from other people when needed.


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