Explain how the moral philosophy of Augustine and Aquinas was specifically rooted in the ethical teachings of Jesus.
October 23, 2020
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October 23, 2020
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Crisis Community Resources

To build a database of community resources, research two clinical facilities that assist individuals in crisis. This may include child protective services, correctional mental health, inpatient treatment, regional psychiatric facility, and so on. Directly contact two facility directly to gather information regarding offered services. In 500–750 words, please identify the following in your summary of each facility:

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  • The clinical population and a description of program services.
  • The crisis protocol and its ethical alignment with legal or state regulatory standards.
  • The applied assessment tools, therapeutic model, aligning interventions, and a minimum of two scholarly research articles substantiating the use of this approach.
  • The facility contact information (excluding intimate partner violence shelters).


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