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Answer each question in short summary. 6.1 Discuss the apparent evolution of verbal expression and language in hominins as it relates to primates and other animals. 6.2 Explain the role

Answer each question in short summary.

6.1       Discuss the apparent evolution of verbal expression and language in hominins as it relates to primates and other animals.

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6.2       Explain the role of language in establishing the social construction and the nature of an individual’s personal reality, society’s reality, and why this is important in managing a workforce.

6.3       Diagram and define the key components of the Interactive Communication Process and the major factors influencing that process.

6.4       Define and contrast the following three common basis for idea arrangement: deductive, inductive, and chronological.

6.5       Identify and define the key elements of reflective thinking and explain how they relate to Kolb’s Learning Model.

6.6       Explain the concept of multiple intelligence and its influence on enhancing management communication skills.

6.7      Compare verbal with nonverbal communications and explain how the two reinforce or contradict one another.

6.8       Describe how the Johari Window model and Transactional Analysis ego states (PAC) help to understand and improve interpersonal communication.

6.9       Identify the main reasons for communication failure according to O’Hair, et al.

6.10     Identify five communication skills essential to promoting excellence in organizations.

6.11     Identify and define the four components of O’Hair’s Strategic Planning Model and the methods included in each for setting and achieving communication objectives.

6.12     Identify and briefly define the major aspects of personal leadership development relative to the four components of O’Hair’s model for strategic communication.

613      Identify the five conflict styles defined by Blake and Mouton and the corresponding strategies represented by each.

614      Describe a transactional dyadic process for working through a contentious situation with another person.

6.15     Diagram the Cultural Communication Conflict Triangle and explain how it can be used to enhance communication.


6.16     Identify two examples from your own experience of culturally/ethnically related communication problems in your personal or work environment and how they were resolved.  Describe how they could have best been resolved.

6.17     Identify what listening competency skills and specific interactive listening techniques can be used to enhance communication competence.

6.18     Identify the ten primary steps for improving relations with others and explain how each step can best be achieved.

6.19     Identify the three key components of a structured interview and how each contributes to the success of that interview.

6.20     Discuss how an interviewer can defuse tension in an interview with a prospective candidate, and how the candidate can defuse tension.

6.21     Compare and contrast Performance Appraisal Reviews with Disciplinary Reviews.

6.22     Identify the most important factors influencing group communication and participation.

6.23.    Identify and discuss the techniques used for the following group decision making and problem-solving methods: brainstorming, nominal group process, and Delphi technique.

6.24     Identify the three dimensions to negotiation and give a general definition of each.

6.25     Identify the main considerations that should be addressed when preparing and delivering a presentation.

6.26     Explain how communication can enhance or inhibit situations in which race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and economic or social position are key factors at play.

6.27     Describe the personality traits that help us improve our communication competency in dealing with cultural, ethnic, etc. differences.

6.28     Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the following uses of electronic technologies: telephone, e-mail, drop box, webinars/skype, and conference calls

6.29     Identify those key communication strategies you feel are important to enhance your career success; what are the primary obstacles to pursuing those strategies?

6.30     Describe how this course has helped you in clarifying your personal values orientation, commitment to community service, your appreciation for diversity, and your dedication to lifelong learning and community service


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