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August 8, 2020
Tech Project #5 and Tech Project #6 ( 2 sepreate)
August 8, 2020
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Answer the questions, 750 words

Answer questions on Vera Bradley Case

Review the assigned case, Vera Bradley, on pages 69â77 and answer the questions on page 78. In responding to these questions, simple one-sentence answers will not suffice. You must answer the questions in a substantive manner, with specific details from the case, readings, and lessons to help support your work. Each question requires at least two, if not three, paragraphs of response (some may require a graph or other supporting documents). One-sentence or one-word answers will result in a poor grade. You are graded on the following criteria.

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  • Detail of your response (25 points)
  • Support is utilized in the response (includes referencing your readings, the assigned case, and the lesson as needed) (25 points)
  • Detailed analysis of problem (25 points)
  • Proper spelling, grammar, and APA formatting (10 points) PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS SPECIFICALLY!!!!!!


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