Lola Rodriguez de Time and Jose Marti wanted toA increase American investment in CubaB unite all nations of the western Hemisphere into one countryC win independence for Cuba and Puerto RicoD overthro
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riefly explain Piaget’s and Erikson’s theories of development. Who had a better theory of human development: Erikson or Piaget?
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Anthropology-Neolithic Revolution, homework help

xid-64619784_1 -Look at this comic

Imagine you are preparing a blog post to accompany the Neolithic Revolution comic on the subject of the transition to agriculture. Your readings from Diamond and Fagan present two different perspectives on the Neolithic revolution:

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1) The first position is that, while there were some problems caused by agriculture, the shift to agriculture was a highly positive development for society.

2) The second position is that the shift to agriculture was a terrible thing for humanity and that humans led better lives as hunter-gatherers.

This comic is written from the first position; the Neolithic Revolution is seen as very positive in its effects. But the “Disclaimer” section at the bottom is closer to the second, more negative, position.

Choose one of these two positions (positive or negative) on the value and effects of agriculture and the Neolithic way of life. Write a blog post to go along with the comic using information from the lectures, videos, and readings from this module. Your blog post should take one of these two positions. State the position, and present an argument, which is an attempt to convince someone of something, by giving reasons that support your position. Present evidence from course materials, and refer to specific parts of the cartoon. It should be obvious that you have done this. Defend your position from blog readers who may support the opposing position. Your post should be 300 to 400 words in length.  Pay careful attention to the grading rubric and make sure you use evidence from both Fagan and the article written by Diamond.

Sections from Fagan’s (2012) Ancient Lives:

  • The Earliest Farmers, pg. 299-314
  • The Story of Maize, pg. 383-387
  • Ceramics, Metallurgy, and Textiles, pg. 97-107
  • Subsistence: Making a Living, pg. 107-122
  • Individuals and Interactions, pg. 129-136
  • The Archaeology of Death, pg. 157-158

Additional readings:

  • Diamond, Jared (1987) The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race
  • Grading Rubric


Maximum Points

Argument: clarity of position


Evidence 1: use of evidence from Fagan


Evidence 2: use of evidence from Diamond


Analysis: use and understanding of different parts of the cartoon to support the chosen position (argument)


Effectiveness: clarity and persuasiveness of overall argument


Writing: grammar, spelling, general good use of the English language




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