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April 3, 2020
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April 4, 2020
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Several excellent videos are available to expand your understanding of the socialization process and children with special needs. The goal of this assignment is for you to see how socialization and children with special needs work together. Choose one video from the video list which is of interest to you. After viewing the video, prepare a written report, which includes:

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1 Using your own words, a brief summary of the video (less than 1 page) including information on the main characters and the storyline. (5 points)
2. Explore the role of the parent or primary caregiver had in the childs life. What aspects of their role were different than for parents of children who develop typically? What strengths and weaknesses did you see in their relationship with their child? (10 points)
3. What struck you about the child with the special need in the video? From viewing this video, what ideas do you want to remember about children or adults who have a special need? Explain your answer with specific examples. (10 points)
4. Based on your personal experiences with individuals who have a special need, describe your experience. Be sure to include the agents of socialization of family and school. Is there a special need that you want to explore or have more experience with? Be specific in your answer. (15 points)

Follow the writing format for this assignment. Note the video title, director, and release date near the top of the first page. This paper should be approximately 3 pages in length.

REMEMBER: No assignments will be accepted after their due date. All assignments are typed and double-spaced. All assignments will be submitted in Canvas using the assignment tool.


Simon Birch

Searching for Bobby Fischer

My Left Foot

Mr. Hollands Opus

The Other Sister

Little Man Tate

The Brooke Ellison Story



Temple Grandin


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