Econ HW
October 4, 2020
Why are excise taxes usually levied on the seller of the good or service, rather than the buyer?
October 4, 2020
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Assignment 5: Firms often face the problem of allocating an input in fixed supply among different products.

Determine the maximize profit. Determine total input availability.

Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document, APA formatted w/ references.

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Hint: To maximize the profit by figuring out the optimal allocation of resources, we need to find the point where marginal profits per unit of input for each product are identical i.e., MπG = MπF  

Firm’s Allocation Criteria 1 FIRM’S ALLOCATION CRITERIASTUDENT NAME:INSTITUTION:INSTRUCTOR:DATE: Firm’s Allocation Criteria 2 A firm often faces constraints in allocating an input in…


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