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March 26, 2020
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March 26, 2020
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Watch Eye of the Storm [Documentary]- 1970 – Jane Elliot

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 (a 26 minute video):

And watch 8 minutes of A Class Divided (Frontline Season 3, Episode 9)

From minute 20 to minute 28 (this is the reunion about 14 years later)

Do/answer the following:

  1. Give a summary of the videos (4) points (at least one page long).
  2. What prompted Jane Elliott to do this experiment? 1 point
  3. What did children learn after the two days of the experiment? 1 point
  4. How did this experiment affect their school work? (this is mentioned in the second film)  1 point
  5. How were the students’ lives different from others’ lives when they were adults? 1 point
  6. How can we learn about prejudice from this experiment? 1 point
  7. How are prejudice and discrimination related and how can these be decreased? 6 points (Answer this from the book)


  • Do not answer the questions within the summary. The summary is just an account of the experiment and is worth 4 points. It must be one page long.
  • Number the answers and be sure you answer everything asked.
  • Pay attention to the points allotted each answer, so that you know which are worth more and understand these deserve longer more complete answers.
  • Question number 7 requires reading the book. It is worth 7 points, so you must give a good answer, at least half a page long.
  • Must be at least 2 1/2 pages long (not 2 1/4). Use New Times Roman, 12 font, or similar. Must be 1 ½ spaces.
  • The summary must be one page long.
  • No need for cover page or citations page.
  • Use our textbook, to answer # 7.
  • Across the top of the first page write: Name; Date; Eye of the Storm

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