The total demand (marginal benefit) curve for visiting Yellowstone National Park is as follows:
October 13, 2020
You should cover all the insurance topics discussed in this course to include Homeowners, Automobile, Liability Umbrella, Health Insurance, Life
October 14, 2020
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Before completing this graded discussion.

Before completing this graded discussion. You should have full understanding of the concepts below, if you don’t please use the textbook and review them first.

  • Opportunity Cost, Scarcity, Production Efficiency, Allocative Efficiency, Incentives, Human Capital, Specialization, and Comparative Advantage

Instructions and Steps:

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1. View the following 3 TED Talks (video presentations). As you watch the videos, take notes of any relevant information.

  • The secret sneaker market — and why it matters | Josh Luber   
  • The case for collaborative consumption | Rachel Botsman
  • Want to innovate? Become a “now-ist” | Seth Godin 

2. Decide which of the 3 TED Talks best responds to this question;

  •  Is no secret that the use of the internet, mobile applications, and social media has greatly increased collaboration, and peer to peer communication in the past 25 years. Is this ever increasing collaborative environment helping improve allocative efficiency? 


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