The purpose of this question is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the relevant concepts presented in the readings, lectures, and videos.
September 12, 2020
Present a persuasive argument either supporting or opposing unlawful enemy combatants constitutional right to challenge their detainment in federal
September 12, 2020
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Answer the following questions:

1. Observe in a teacher’s classroom (perhaps your own) while the kids are in transition (coming into the room at the beginning of the day, preparing to leave the room at the end of the day, moving between centers, etc.).  Does the traffic flow smoothly, or do areas of congestion appear?  Is the smooth or congested traffic flow due to the arrangement of furnishings, or is congestion due to the need for a routine procedure to structure movement? (or both) If there are areas of congestion, how would arrange for fluid traffic flow at “high use” times?2. If you were offered the choice, would you select tables or chairs for your classroom?  Would you make use of both?  How and/or why?3. Consider various common disabilities and challenges.  What modifications might be made in classrooms to better accommodate students who learn, move, sense, or behave differently from your “typical” student?4. Look into various rooms where groups gather.  Considering the “looks” and arrangements, what are the purposes?  How does the appearance/arrangement of the room affect comfort (physical and psychological)?  What learning format is used?  How do the room arrangements affect learning?5. If you make use of a teacher’s desk, where do/will you place it?  In the back of the room?  In the front of the room?  Somewhere else?  Why did you select that position?


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