. To what transactions does UCC Article 2 apply? (In other words, what is the scope of UCC Article 2?
August 27, 2020
August 27, 2020
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Business communication 4

Assume that you have been asked to teach this course next semester.  Utilizing the information and structure of individual assignments completed throughout this course, as well as what you have learned about how to give clear, written instructions to a targeted audience, design an assignment that your students will complete as part of their final portfolio.  You are not required to actually complete this assignment yourself.  Your task for purposes of this DQ is to design an assignment that is (1) relevant to the course and your students, and (2) designed to facilitate your students’ understanding of the materials.  Provide detailed instructions for your students on how to complete the assignment successfully.  Points (max of 100) will be assigned based on the following:

  • Creativity of your idea (Is it relevant to your audience?  Useful? Engaging?)
  • Quality of instructions provided (clarity, readability, etc.)

BA507SummerD22017Syllabus.docx (1).docx

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