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April 10, 2020
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Business Letter

As with all written assignments in this class, ask yourself these questions first while constructing this letter: 

 — What is the purpose?
— How do you get a response and what response do I want?
— State reasons for writing that person or company/organization
— Get quickly to the point and clearly state your reasons
— Remember to give contact information, phone number, etc.
— Do you have the correct format? Remember this is business letter format not a memo. 

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SCENARIO FOR BUSINESS LETTER #3 –  The Congratulations Letter

You are the owner of XYZ Industries.  One of your long-time employees Belinda Asher who works in your Marketing Department recently graduated from Mountain State University with an M.B.A. (Marketing). She was a 4.0 student at the University. You will be writing her a congratulations letter on behalf of the management of your company. Since she has her earned M.B.A., she is now even more valuable of an employee with her new degree and skills. Everyone respects her at your company and wants to keep her as an employee because she contributes a great deal to the company. This letter should congratulate her for successfully completing her degree with a 4.0 GPA, tell her how much she is appreciated, and that you want her to stay with the company. Most importantly, make your letter sincere and honest. Congratulations letters are common in the workplace and workers appreciate hea

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