Using the Internet, identify the following for a fictitious company you are starting (or growing): Prepare an APA formatted paper:What business strategy will you select and how will you implement it (
October 9, 2020
Scenario: Bethany Johnson, a widow, died 5 years ago without leaving a will.1. Which of the following items are included in Bethany’s gross estate?a. A life estate in a trust that pays B
October 9, 2020
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CANOGA SPORTING GOODS, INC. Canoga Sporting Goods (CSG) was a small business that manufactured bleacher seat pads that sports fans or picnickers…


I am studying a case, in which Im trying to determine if there is reasonable economic basis for terminating 10 employees. From the given data, I figured out the ATC, AFC, AVC, MC, MR and I don’t know to correlate it to the questions asked. Attached is the case, the data, and the questions I need answered (#1 and 2). Please help.

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