How does the structure of Congress (for example it’s two chambers and its committee system) affect its policy making role?
October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020
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Catherine Owens

 This should be a 1-2 page first person essay exploring and summing up your stance on assessment towards the end of the course. Refer to the course objectives under Dispositions below if you need ideas for where to start.  Include any thoughts about value of this course, if appropriate.

Course objectives

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 The Master of Education student will:

value ongoing assessment as essential to the instructional process and recognize that many different assessment strategies, accurately and systematically used, are necessary for monitoring and promoting student learning.

be committed to using assessment to identify student strengths and promote student growth rather than to deny students access to learning opportunities.

believe that all children can learn at high levels and persists in helping all children achieve success.

appreciate and value human diversity, show respect for students’ varied talents and perspectives, learning styles and modalities, and be committed to the pursuit of individually configured excellence.

value the development of students’ critical thinking, independent problem solving, and performance capabilities.

value flexibility and reciprocity in the teaching process as necessary for adapting instruction to student responses, ideas, and needs.

be committed to reflection, assessment, and learning as an ongoing process.

be committed to seeking out, developing, and continually refining practices that address the individual needs of students


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