Which of the following organizations is responsible for ensuring their supplements are safe?
May 15, 2020
Which nuclear structure(s) contain(s) the hereditary material?
May 15, 2020
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Cell Biology and Genetics

 Cell Biology and Genetics

1. The structural and functional unit of all living organisms is the

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a. ribosome.

b. cell.

c. organ.

d. organelle.

e. plasma membrane.

2. In order to study in detail the anatomy of internal cell parts, it would be best to use

a. x-rays.

b. flashlights.

c. a transmission electron microscope (TEM).

d. tissue cultures.

e. a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

3. The main components of the plasma membrane are

a. carbohydrates and lipids.

b. lipids and ions.

c. proteins and carbohydrates.

d. proteins and lipids.

e. ions and proteins.

4. When a sperm cell comes into contact with an egg cell, there is a change in the electrical charge across the plasma membrane and various channel proteins close. These channels would be called

a. open-gated channels.

b. voltage-gated channels.

c. chemical-gated channels.

d. ligand-gated channels.

e. nongated ion channels.

5. In general, water-soluble molecules diffuse through the ______ ______; and lipid-soluble molecules diffuse through the ______ ______.

a. membrane channels; membrane channels

b. membrane channels; lipid bilayer

c. lipid bilayer; membrane channels

d. lipid bilayer; lipid bilayer

e. None of these choices is correct.

6. In the process of diffusion, net movement of substances is always from a region

a. outside the cell to a region inside the cell.

b. inside the cell to a region outside the cell.

c. of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration.

d. of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration.

e. None of these choices is correct.

7. Osmosis is the diffusion of _____ across a selectively permeable membrane.

a. urea

b. oxygen

c. water

d. sodium

e. sugar

8. Cyanide stops the production of ATP. Which of the following processes would be affected?

a. simple diffusion

b. osmosis

c. active transport

d. facilitated diffusion

e. filtration

9. Organelles

a. are extracellular structures.

b. are unspecialized portions of a cell.

c. generally lack membranes.

d. vary in number and type depending on cell function.

e. are structural, but not functional parts of the cell.

10. Messenger RNA

a. is synthesized when a portion of a DNA molecule is transcribed.

b. directs the synthesis of DNA.

c. determines the sequence of nucleotides in the anticodons of tRNA.

d. directs the synthesis of centrioles in the cytoplasm.

e. is not involved in the synthesis of proteins.

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