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August 15, 2020
Force-Field Analysis- Describe the concept of force-field analysis
August 15, 2020
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Chapter 1 Homework Discussion Please Complete

Discuss the following topical questions. Be thorough in your response.

  1. Nine competitive priorities for success in the marketplace are discussed in Chapter 1. In detail, explain why a company should not necessarily try to excel in all of them. What determines the choice of competitive priorities that a company should emphasize for its key processes?

The nine Competitive Processes are as follows:

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Cost:1-Low cost operationsQuality:2-Top quality3-Consistent qualityTime:4-Delivery speed5-On time delivery6-Development speedFlexibility:7-Customization8-Variety9-Volume flexibility

Question 2:

ase Study

  • At the end of Chapter 1, read the case study Chad’s Creative Concepts
  • Answer the topical questions at the end of the case study
  • Be thorough and complete in your responses


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