The Oceanic Pacific fleet has just decided to use a pole-and-line method of fishing instead of gill netting to catch tuna.
October 3, 2020
Suppose a negative aggregate demand shock causes short-run output to drop to -1%.
October 3, 2020
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Chapter 2 Summary (The Economic Revolution) in The Worldly Philosopher’s book by Robert Heilbroner

Chapter 2 Summary (250-500 words count)

One of the points of this chapter is that a market system (i.e. an economic system that relies primarily on markets) is relatively new in human history.  How does each of the following passages help illustrate Heilbroner’s point?

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            a.         preacher’s sermon in Boston in 1639

            b.         the story of France in 1666 (100-150 words for this question)

**MUST have access to ebook as this should be the only reference material used to complete this assignment**


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