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November 24, 2020
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November 24, 2020
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CMN Academic Book Review

I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.

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basically write a review of the book in 4 pages double spaced (1000 words) and include all the sections in the instructions below

Also use the paper in attachments as example.

The Book needs to have review is “The Mother of All questions” by Rebecca Solnit. Also, I attached 2 sample book reviews.

For a critical, essay-length book review consider including the following elements, depending on their relevance to your assignment:

a. the bibliographic citation for the book;

b. an opening statement that ought to peak the reader’s interest in the book under review

c. a section that points to the author’s main intentions (including author’s purpose, objectives, argument, and main ideas);

d. a section that discusses the author’s ideas and the book’s thesis (argument) within a scholarly perspective (in this case communication, gender, social construction, gender equality);

e. if you found errors, omissions, or confusing aspects of the book, point the major ones and explain their significance. Explain whether they detract from the thesis and the arguments made in the book;

f. state the book’s place within a strand of scholarship and summarize its importance to the discipline–this should be a critical assessment of the book within the larger scholarly discourse–what contributions does this book make to our understanding of communication, the rhetorical saliency of gender, and/or gender equality?

g. include information about the author’s affiliation and authority

h. indicate the intended readership of the book and whether the author succeeds in engaging the audience on the appropriate level;

i. your name and affiliation.

Good examples of essay-length reviews may be found in the scholarly journals included in the JSTORcollection, in the New York Review of Books, and similar types of publications, and in cultural publications like the New Yorker magazine.

It is on with Kindle APP.

You can get the book for free if you activate free trial. See attached!

Anyway, i am paying more in case you have to buy the book


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