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October 15, 2020
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October 15, 2020
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Com208 week 4 quiz 2017 (A+++++++++++)

Question 1Which of the following is an example of a regulator?a. raising a hand to speak in classb. playing with a pen when anxiousc. pointing to show where your car isd. the “peace sign”Question 2Scratching your arm too relieve an itch is an example of what type of body movement?a. emblemb. illustratorc. regulatord. adaptorQuestion 3_____________________ are substitutes for words.a. Chronemicsb. Kinesicsc. Emblemsd. OlfacticsQuestion 4_____________________ is the study of spatial communication.a. Chronemicsb. Kinesicsc. Hapticsd. ProxemicsQuestion 5Touch may communicate many different meanings includinga. control. b. all of the above. c. playfulness. d. positive emotions. Question 6The inability to engage in emotional communication is calleda. dysphasia. b. shyness. c. dyssemia. d. reticence. Question 7Although Arianna has a lot of coworkers and acquaintances, she doesn’t have anyone she can relate to on an intimate level. Arianna is experiencinga. disconfirmation. b. emotional isolation. c. emotional contagion. d. static evaluation. Question 8Which of the following is an example of an emotional appeal?a. enthusiasmb. guiltc. pityd. all of the above are examplesQuestion 9Another term for “emotional intelligence” isa. emotive competence. b. empathy. c. interpersonal competence. d. social intelligence. Question 10According to a study on emotions in the workplace, which of the following is TRUE?a. Women tend to feel better after crying while men feel worse. b. Men were more disapproving of those who cry on the job. c. Women and men reported crying on the job in approximately equal amounts. d. Women were more disapproving of those who cry on the job. Question 11In regard to expressing emotions, “owning feelings” meansa. knowing you can’t influence the emotions of others. b. taking control of your negative emotions. c. finding the root cause of your emotions. d. taking responsibility for your feelings. Question 12Kim gets annoyed because her friend Courntey forwards to her every chain e-mail that lands in her inbox. Kim needs to tell Courtney to stop violating the maxim ofa. manner. b. quality. c. quantity. d. relation. Question 13“A relatively informal interaction in which the roles of the speaker and hearer are exchanged in a nonautomatic fashion under the collaborative management of all parties” is calleda. maxim of manner. b. monologue. c. phatic communication. d. conversation. Question 14When Lacey told her instructor, “I need you to give me a makeup test” she was violating the maxim ofa. tact. b. agreement. c. generosity. d. approbation. Question 15According to _______________ theory, you can develop close relationships in both face-to-face and online contexts.a. social presenceb. social feedbackc. social exchanged. social information processing


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