The purpose of this assignment is: To apply a change process using the ACE Star Model of Knowledge Transformation and a systematic review after identifying a clinical topic of concern and related nursing practice issue.
June 13, 2020
The Beauty of the Childhood
June 13, 2020
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Community Engagement Paper

These are the instructions I was given:

This paper should be a letter to the editor of a well-known online publication. These include, but are not limited to, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Atlantic, National Public Radio, the Economist, Foreign Policy magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the Christian Science Monitor.

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This paper must be one page in length, double-spaced, with reasonable font and margin size choices. The paper must have your name and a clear reference to the publication name, editorial title, and editorial authors under discussion. While these articles don’t have to be from the immediate past, they must be recent. An article from more than a year ago would not work.

In your paper, you must explain why you are writing this letter, how it relates to the material covered either in the lectures or the textbook, and how the course has shifted your perspective, or ought to shift the perspective of the editor in question.


Concepts that we’ve learned in class are the american civil war, globalization, the federal government during the civil war, WW1, the federal government taking progressivism actions before and during WW1, the New deal, and alphabet soup programs.


If you have any questions let me know as soon as possible. Thank You.



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