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Consider The Following Rf Link Parameters Transmission Frequency 12 6h2 Transm

Please show steps and figures for each calculation.

– Consider the following RF link parameters: Transmission frequency: 12 6H2 Transmitted EIRP: 1 watt The receiving antenna gain: 20 dB The receiver antenna temperature is 800°K The distance between the transmitter and the receiver is 10km All other losses (atmospheric, pointing, etc") are assumed to be 0 dB Link is I‘barely closed“. The modulation is BPSK at a data rate of 10 Mbps with a required BER: 10".You need to find the required Eb/N. from reading or searching the web. Ifyou can’t find it, e-mail me but make the effort first. a) What is the maximum allowable receiver noise figure in dB?b) How would the answer to part ”a" change if the data rate is doubled? c) How would the answer to port ”a" change if the receiver antenna diameterwas doubled? d) Comment (very briefly) on both parts “b" and "c"

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