Tutor could you please help me understand this question, I assume they are worse off due to consumption falling in regards to low elasticity of
October 9, 2020
Other than the movement within the demand curve, what differences are there between change in demand and change in quantity demanded?
October 9, 2020
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Country A is rich and country B is poor. Consequently, residents of countryB want to immigrate to country A. The trouble is that there is no legal…

Country A is rich and country B is poor. Consequently, residents of countryB want to immigrate to country A. The trouble is that there is no legal way to do. So they attempt to cross the border illegally. There are 3 border cross- ings at which a resident of B may attempt to cross the border. An attempt is successful if there is no border guard at the crossing, and unsuccessful if there is a guard at the crossing. Country A has only 1 border guard. Model the game in which a resident of country B attempts to enter country A at one of the 3 border crossings, and the government of country A chooses to post its border guard at one of the 3 border crossings. In this game, each player has three pure strategies.

(a) What are the ultimate outcomes in this game?

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(b) What are the player’s Bernoulli payoffs?

(c) Find a mixed strategy equilibrium of the game.

Can you please show the solution algebraically and on a graph? Thank you!


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