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Create a speech outline

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Topic: Don’t Bite your nails

Create a speech outline using the below guidelines, and attached templates and examples.

The purpose of this speech is to get the audience to do what you want them to do. You should discuss an issue that is significant, contemporary, meaningful, and relevant to the audience. Analyze the audience, linking the topic to them in a way that will gain and hold attention and interest, and agreement.


Use at least 3 outsides sources of information (6 for maximum credit) for this speech. Cite these sources orally in your speech. Use written sources, credible Internet Sources, and personal interviews beyond your personal experience. Two of the three sources must be a current or appropriate book or article. You must use at least three different types (examples, illustrations, statistics, testimony) of supporting materials.


The introduction should gain attention, orient the audience by stating the topic, offer a reason for listening, and preview the body of the speech.

The body must contain 2-5 main points using patterns of organization covered in the textbook or have prior approval by the instructor. Each main point must be well supported by 2-5 1st-order subpoints designed to prove the main points (examples, illustrations, facts, quotations, etc.) Persuasive action speeches deal with questions of policy. Follow the Format for Preparation Outlines.

The conclusion of the persuasive-action speech should focus the audience’s attention upon your topic, leave them in the proper mood (ready to do what you want them to do) and communicate a sense of finality (verbally or non-verbally indicate that you have finished talking).

Transitions between major sections of the persuasive-action speech (introduction, body, conclusion) and the main points should be carefully planned and used while delivering the speech. Use transitions to move the audience’s attention from section to section and from main point to main point in the body of the speech.


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