Chapter 1
June 16, 2020
Leadership Theories in Practice
June 16, 2020
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Creating a data set

Administer the data collection tool you created in the Topic 2 assignment. Using the data you collect, create an Excel table and complete the items below.

  1. Create two frequency tables based on two separate questions from your survey.
  2. Create a bar graph and a pie chart based on the data in the frequency tables.
  3. Determine the class intervals and create frequency distribution for each of the frequency tables.
  4. Create one frequency polygon of the data from the frequency distribution.

Create an individual Excel document for each of the required items.

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PLEASE NOTE: below was my instructors feedback for the assignment attached.


Jasmine, Attached is your reviewed proposal. Great proposal. However, revise this proposal to include the link of the public records/data you will use. Also clearly include the interviews questions will be conducted via telephone using Skype or Zoom or other similar online platforms Keep the revised proposal for your subsequent implementation. Also submit to the Private forum for my review. You lost points based on the rubrics. Dr. Kuofie



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