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Critical Thinking essay on Virtual reality

Critical Thinking essay on Virtual reality
Order Description
Write a critical thinking essay on the future of virtual reality. Explore the business side of virtual reality in the gaming industry, computer industry or daily life. Be sure to take a viewpoint and also discuss about the opposing viewpoints!!
Please include the following:
Introduction: Incorporates a short explanation about the nature of the your topic and its significance as a way to forecast the content of your paper. It also includes an explicit thesis statement.
Thesis support: Presents the main points of your topic and supports them with reasons and evidence that might include facts, statistics, data, and illustrative examples. This is the longest and most substantive section of your paper.
Anticipates and refutes opposing viewpoints. An effective analysis always includes opposing views and even some that an opponent might agree with to demonstrate that you are aware of all sides of the issue and to indicate why your point of view is superior.
Conclusion. This summarizes your main line of reasoning and perhaps suggests what action or line of thinking readers ought to take. It also gives the reader a sense of closure by restating the main thesis or postulating potential implications or consequences. Thought provoking reflections over the meaning of your topic are appropriate here.


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